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PLD was founded with the development of our online mentoring platform. This marked the start of our drive to find new ways to connect people in knowledge sharing relationships. We knew from our own personal experience how powerful a successful mentoring relationship could be in transferring skills from one person to another.

Scaling that up through online mentoring communities means mentees are able to connect with the most relevant mentor for their needs irrespective of location. The addition of rich online learning support also means mentors and mentees can get the very best from their mentoring relationships.

As our business continued to develop it became clear just how many organisations, across varied sectors, could drive significant benefits by running a mentoring program on our industry-leading software platform.

Along the way we have also found several different applications for the mentoring software which have allowed us to support client programs with unique matching requirements and very specific user journeys.

Our passion for customer service and our desire to see successful client mentoring programs has meant we have been able to develop long and valued relationships throughout our client base. We hope you will be in touch to join them.

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Tom Butterworth
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Jan Murray
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Chris Murray

PLD Timeline


From small beginnings...

PLD formed as Mentor Match Ltd with plenty of enthusiasm, ambition and a great vision in spite of a limited budget!


Early success...

An early success and significant milestone with our first customer for the mentoring platform



Another major milestone as we gain our first sale in the USA.


The first of many...

Our first professional body client comes on board providing a great membership benefit to their 168,000 members. They have since been joined by 35 member bodies.


25th client joins PLD

Taking on our 25th client was yet another significant milestone for the PLD team.


Expanding product range

We rebrand from Mentor Match Ltd to Perform Learn Develop Ltd to reflect the wider range of software products now available.


Landmark year...

Our 50th client joins the fold with products now provided to over 1 million uses.


Becoming PLD...

Brand, offerings, website and client support developed and launched as PLD.


100% growth targets

As the 75th client signs up for the PLD Mentoring platform we see steady and continued growth into 2019.


Continued momentum

As our 100th client joins 2020’s Momentus: we launch more products based on our unique matching software and flexible user journey.

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