Could mentoring help reduce workplace stress?

Friday 4th October 2019

An article in the Harvard Business suggests that the positive benefits of mentoring could help reduce stress and increase satisfaction. Decades of research has demonstrated how junior employees...

Why do mentoring programs fail?

Tuesday 10th September 2019

Research has shown employees are more likely to succeed in the workplace if they have a mentor. So why do mentoring programs often fail? Whilst programs are implemented with the best...

Knowledge transfer mentoring

Thursday 15th August 2019

Usually when people think about mentoring, what comes to mind is career advice and counseling. Traditional types of mentoring programmes pair younger employees with more experienced...

Why a Mentoring Program can be invaluable at all stages of a career

Tuesday 16th July 2019

Mentoring - both having a mentor and being a mentor - can prove invaluable for those later in their careers, not just those on their way up.

Workplace mentoring to develop employees

Wednesday 12th June 2019

Effective relationships and learning underpins the success of today’s organisations. By finding meaningful ways for employees to connect, organisations are more likely...

What stops women from mentoring?

Wednesday 13th May 2019

Women can benefit from mentoring and from being mentors. So why aren't more women engaging in mentoring relationships?

Mentoring programmes can have a positive impact on business goals

Thursday 11th April 2019

Mentoring programmes can have a significant impact on organisations' business goals, in addition to employee professional development, according to research from the Association for Talent Development (ATD).

Why your organisation can benefit from cross-generational mentoring

Thursday 14th March 2019

For employers and organisations with multigenerational workforces now is the time to consider how to build engagement, understanding and productivity across the generations.

Why you need mentoring in your organisation

Friday 1st February 2019

At PLD we are seeing an increasing number of organisations realising that mentoring is becoming a critical component to any successful organisation.

The value of mentoring in closing the talent gap

Thursday 6th December 2018

Human resources programs often talk about the value of mentoring in growing talent in an organisation and being able to solve a number of challenges.

Why mentoring new talent in business is so important

Friday 9th November 2018

Generation Z are the 16-24 year olds who are now entering the workforce – and they are not happy. Results from the surveys on workplace happiness platform, Engaging Works, have shown...

How mentoring will help you to improve performance

Friday 28th September 2018

In this time of technological advancement finding information and resources to help us improve performance isn’t a problem, they are everywhere. The problem is now sifting through...

Survey finds employees want coaching and mentoring

Wednesday 5th September 2018

Upskilling and reskilling workers while maintaining performance levels is becoming an increasingly important priority as organisations prepare for the future of work. A recent study...

Attracting talent: The role of a mentoring program

Monday 6th August 2018

Mentoring programs can be used to attract and retain talent as part of the recruitment process and the organisation’s employee value proposition (EVP) to show that the company values...

Mentoring techniques

Tuesday 3rd July 2018

A mentor is someone who will encourage and support a mentee to make the most of their career or business. As a mentor, the role is to be a trusted confidante, helping the mentee to make...

Three quarters of Brits lack a career mentor

Friday 8th June 2018

New research from jobs site,, shows those starting out in their careers were most likely to want a mentor with 41% of 18-35 year olds saying they would like a mentor...

The value of mentoring

Monday 14th May 2018

It is now widely accepted that mentoring can change careers and lives. The Virgin group founder tapped into the knowledge of Sir Freddie Laker, a former airline founder...

Enabling effective knowledge transfer

Tuesday 17th April 2018

Within any organisation effective staff management is not an easy task. The difficulty can be compounded when trying to manage different generations at the same time.

The importance of mentoring in empowering the next generation

Thursday 15th March 2018

Results of a survey by The Internet Marketing Association's IMA Research Lab on "Empowering the Next Generation through Mentorship and Inspiration"...

Workplace mentoring program

Monday 22nd Jan 2018

Engaging, retaining and developing employees through a workplace mentoring program. An effective workplace mentoring program could...

Why reverse mentoring is a win-win opportunity

Friday 15th Dec 2017

Over the last few years I have become smart enough to recognise that my teenage children are my go-to sources when it comes to...

What creates excellence in a mentoring program?

Wednesday 8th Nov 2017

Student and staff mentoring programs are becoming increasingly popular and rightly so, a good mentoring program can have benefits...

The key ingredients of a successful student mentoring program

Thursday 5th Oct 2017

Implementing a student mentoring program can have benefits for students, alumni and the universities, colleges or schools who run them...

Mentoring programs to build a better profession

Friday 22nd Sep 2017

I recently read an interesting article by CFA institute that I would like to share around their experience of mentoring. The CFA Institute found...

Mentoring program - Seven mistakes to avoid

Thursday 31st Aug 2017

Being in the company of a role model, a wiser head who can guide you through a period of transition, can be very powerful. That is the power of a mentor...

How a mentoring program can help you to recruit and retain members

Tuesday 4th Jul 2017

An effective mentoring program could prove to be an important benefit to both existing and prospective members. Mentoring provides the critical...

Bridge the gap between education and employment - Student mentoring program

Wednesday 21st Jun 2017

The education system is not adequately preparing young people for the workplace so there is a large gap between their experiences and the reality...

A mentoring program can benefit your business

Friday 12th May 2017

The effectiveness of a company depends on the productivity of its employees. With four generations currently in the workforce, bridging the generation gap...

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