Recent mentoring software clients

The Beazley mentoring programme

Beazley are a group of global insurance professionals operating in the London market and specialising in marine, property, data breach and life insurance.

Beazley believe that as a company, they are stronger when employees come together and it is their goal that the Beazley mentoring programme will play a pivotal role in the future of making Beazley a great place to work.

The Beazley mentoring platform provides a valuable resource for employees to either find a mentor or be found by someone seeking a mentor.

Women in Aviation and Aerospace - The alta mentoring programme

Alta is a mentoring matching platform developed to provide mentoring opportunities and a support network to professional women in the aviation and aerospace sector.

Alta is truly a project designed "by women/for women" as a diverse group of women came together from industry, academia, research and the government to create a platform grounded on evidence and employees' and employers' needs and industry/academia best practice. PLD has worked with the Royal Aeronautical Society to develop a mentoring platform that is based on employer and employee need and best practice.

The Law Society of Scotland mentoring programme

The legal profession is an extremely competitive and challenging one and the Law Society of Scotland believes anyone from the very start of their career to experienced solicitors can benefit from the support and guidance a suitable mentor can provide.

The Law Society of Scotland operate 2 streams:

Student associate
Aimed at matching mentors who are currently trainee solicitors with law students and graduates whose goal in mentoring is to support them to obtain a traineeship.

Career development
Aimed at matching trainee and solicitor mentors with students, trainees and solicitors whose goal is to develop longer term career aspirations.

Charity Retail Association mentoring programme

This mentoring programme is run exclusively for corporate members of the Charity Retail Association (CRA). The platform is aimed at charity retailers and available to all of the charity members.

The mentoring platform is a matching process that enables members to build an effective mentoring relationship, whereby they can either explore areas of their professional life they wish to develop, or give back by offering their own expertise.

Sharing knowledge and expertise has always been a highly regarded aspect of the CRA's membership. For the sector to progress it is crucial that skills and experience are always improving, and CRA mentoring platform aims to help this happen.

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