Software that easily enables collaboration and knowledge transfer

Fully branded and configurable

Create networks and share knowledge

Whether you need to engage, open up information, enable knowledge transfer or drive innovation PLD Groups is a configurable solution that allows you to get up and running quickly. Our modern forum style software is fully branded to your requirements and can be integrated with other enterprise solutions.

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For Corporations and Government

Improve employee communication
Enable knowledge transfer
Improve networking capability
Successfully launch projects
Speed up employee on-boarding

For Higher Education

Share knowledge more efficiently
Enhance your online learning capabilities
Improve student–teacher communications
Facilitate new student on-boarding

For Non Profits

Engage and motivate members
Enhance learning environments
Transfer professional standards
Improve volunteers and workers' productivity

Enable knowledge sharing

Capture, centralise and share your organisation's knowledge to improve project and organisational performance.

Promote collaboration

Empower collaboration across different departments, teams and geographies. Bring project members together to share progress, resources and ideas to drive performance.

Improve communication

Maximise your communication's reach and impact through targeted messages with rich content using multiple devices to specific communities.

Successfully launch projects

Get your project up and running with an easy way to share project resources and foster improved communication using a tried and tested platform offering expert assistance and customisation.

Drive innovation

Provide a communication and collaboration environment for your organisation in which new ideas and solutions are shared, fostering innovation and boosting performance.

Speed up on-boarding

Connect new employees, students or members to peers, teams, organisation knowledge and policies to facilitate onboarding and development.

Software features

Collaboration spaces Open, private and hidden groups allow you to work across your organisation with different program types
Group working Work together with group members across the organisation on projects, initiatives and events
Multiple programmes Manage multiple programs within a single management environment
Connect with colleagues By connecting to other people, you will receive updates of important events from your connections and your team
Activity updates Make your team and your connections aware of events and updates
Finding Find experts, conversations and files to cut down on duplicating work
Communicate Message group members, post events and alerts
Notifications Use your notifications to view, prioritise, and manage what's most relevant to you
Communication updates Communication feeds keep you up to date on what's happening across your organisation
GROUPS updates GROUPS allows you to find people, information and groups that may be relevant to you
Mobile Enables anytime, anywhere GROUPS participation.
Program Management
Performance reports and exporting View real-time program performance
Workflow support Automated advice, tips, and instructions provided to GROUPS participants
Technical support Administrator support for technical issues that arise throughout the subscription contract
Consultation Access to consulting and technical resources to help you start and run a successful program

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