Software that adds value to your membership package and offering

High value, low
cost solutions

Configurable and easy to use

Our software can help you to increase member recruitment and retention, improve member career planning & development, enhance professional qualification study and reinforce training. You can rely on us to match your requirements but we will use our knowledge and experience to make sure you do not need to reinvent the wheel.

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Mentoring Software

Mentoring can provide the critical edge that marks the difference between career success and failure. Our mentoring platform and integrated learning center is ideal for organisations looking to connect their members in a mentoring relationship.


A collaboration tool especially designed for membership organisations. Our collaborative tools enable your members to share their knowledge and expertise in order to help each other solve their problems, including regulation.

Career Navigator

Help your members succeed by enabling them to seriously explore the careers that will bring them personal satisfaction and success using our unique online interactive technology.

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