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For your customised mentoring program

Our software is all about matching the right people across your business in an effective mentoring or coaching relationship. We help you to provide an extremely cost-effective way to efficiently transfer valuable competencies from one person to another, build skills, create valuable relationships, support career planning, improve performance and increase employee engagement and retention.

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Mentoring can support a variety of initiatives

Talent acquisition and retention, new employee induction, high growth phases, change management, succession planning, knowledge transfer, skill development, supporting high potential employees and ensuring the organisation's goals, vision, mission and culture are properly implemented.

Hard and soft skills

A mentoring program can be effectively used to develop both an individual's hard and soft skills. They can be used to boost retention as well as help individuals with career development. Employees represent your brand every day, so it is important to invest in their job/career satisfaction and in employee engagement.

Engage and nurture employees

Time after time, research studies show that the number one reason an employee decides to leave an organisation is the lack of career advancement and development opportunities. Mentoring has been proven to be a cost-effective strategy to engage and nurture employees, helping to develop their talents and knowledge and increase job satisfaction.

Research has shown...

People are 77% more likely to stay in a job if they are in a mentoring relationship—particularly younger generations.
35% of employees who do not receive regular mentoring look for another job within 12 months.
80% of young managers cite mentoring as being important to them, whereas only 28% of their employers provide mentoring opportunities. (HBR)

All of our mentoring platforms include the following features...

Easy to set up

We have lots of options that you can choose from to enable you to build a mentoring program that is unique to you and exactly meets your needs.

Your platform will be customised to ensure that it reflects your brand and integrates seamlessly. You will have complete control over the imagery, logos, typefaces, colours and terminology used on your platform.

System integration
Can be seamlessly integrated with client systems and websites.

Customisation available
We are happy to provide bespoke platform amendments to meet your requirements.

Easy to use

User-friendly profile set up and advanced matching algorithm to provide the best mentoring matches.

Sharing and alerts
Social networking capabilities, document upload, email alerts and platform messaging.

Mentoring tools
A range of learning resources, planning tools and mentoring roadmap.

Providing mentors and mentees with everything they need at a glance.

Your device supported
Accessible on PC's, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Easy to manage

Relationship management
Our in-built relationship management capability means that relationships can be nurtured and kept on track to ensue maximum user engagement.

Extensive administration function with training provided.

Secure and up to date
We provide secure web based software from our hosting infrastructure, so there is nothing for you to install or maintain.

Scale and grow
You can add additional mentoring programs, or add in additional locations and countries and run them all from one easy to use platform.

Promotion and engagement
Marketing support provided to ensure continued program promotion and engagement.

Easy to assess

Measure results through tracking and reports, that can be configured by you.

Overview and detail
Administration dashboard provides at a glance information on the number of mentors, mentees, relationships and relationship status. Detailed data can be exported for use in other systems.

End of relationship user surveys provide user experience feedback giving you thorough insight into your program. These can be tailored to meet your own measurement criteria.

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