Talent Acquisition

The Harrison Assessments' talent recruitment process is underpinned by the Enjoyment-Performance theory. Our process starts with a highly effective pre-screening of all applicants, streamlining applicant tracking by continuously ranking all applicants according to how well they meet your ideal requirements for both eligibility (education, training etc.) and suitability (Enjoyment-Performance). You only need to review the CVs of the best applicants identified for interview.

The Enjoyment-Performance Theory states that an individual will perform more effectively, be more engaged and be more likely to be retained in a job if that individual:

  • enjoys the tasks required by that job
  • has interests that relate to the position
  • has work environment preferences that correspond with the environment of the workplace
  • has employment expectations that can be met by the employer

In other words, assuming the person has the education and training necessary for a job, the enjoyment of all the various aspects of that job is a significant indication of a higher level of performance.

We work through the following steps to ensure you only interview and hire the talent who will be more engaged, more likely to be retained and will perform at a higher level.

Job analysis toolkit

Harrison Assessments' provides a job analysis toolkit that enables you to create a Job Success Formula for each talent recruitment campaign. The Job Success Formula automatically generates an online assessment, which measures all your job qualifications including eligibility requirements and behavioural requirements for specific jobs.

By measuring these requirements, you can determine how well each candidate meets the ideal job requirements in your talent recruitment campaign before you even look at resumes or start to interview.

Pre-employment screening

Our pre-employment screening solutions eliminates up to 80% of the administration work involved in a talent recruitment campaign by identifying and sorting the less-than-ideal candidates, dramatically reducing the number of resume reviews and candidate interviews that are required. Other pre-screening and resume parsing systems don't quantify each applicant's level of suitability and eligibility. Instead, they only screen out some of the applicants who may not be qualified.

Suitability assessment

The Harrison Suitability Assessment is more than just a standard psychometric test. It is a complete job suitability assessment that measures interests, work values, task preferences, motivations, attitudes and other issues related to work satisfaction. This focus on behavioural competencies and job suitability factors enables you to hire, retain and develop top performance as well as generate greater work satisfaction.

The smart questionnaire

The SmartQuestionnaire™ provides the foundation for meeting the five greatest challenges of talent recruitment assessment:

  • measuring all the important factors,
  • providing an overall score that explicitly indicates the overall potential for job success,
  • minimising the time it takes to complete the assessment
  • preventing and detecting deception and,
  • reducing legal exposure

Applicant tracking

Our talent recruitment system integrates assessment with applicant tracking making the recruitment process highly efficient and focused on the most important task - discovering the best applicant(s).

Talent recruitment features

We make it easy to create comprehensive assessments that fit your specific job success requirements. We help companies easily and accurately assess the eligibility and suitability factors that lead to job success.

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