Performance Benchmarking

Benchmarking excellence

How would you like a template of your top performers against which to recruit?

Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions (HATS) is an excellent way to start benchmarking excellence. It allows organisations to benchmark the behavioural traits of a group of employees that are successful, and will highlight other people in the business who have similar behavioural traits.

Harrison Assessments Benchmarking is a scientific means to measure the precise factors that relate to job success. Put simply HATS will put together the criteria that needs to be fulfilled in order to get the right candidate for the role based on 175 traits relating to attitudes, motivation, interpersonal skills, work preferences, task preferences, work environment preferences, interests and employment preferences and a small element of personality.

Talent assessment

Performance Benchmarking provides a quantitative evaluation of the factors that explain job success and high performance.

The Harrison Performance Research Methodology benchmarks key critical job success factors with actual job performance, resulting in a highly scientific, objective and measurable outcome for companies.

It helps provide information to improve job performance and determine what and where improvements are necessary. Using highly sophisticated technology, it identifies traits that differentiate high performers from average and low performers for a specific job. The result... better selection and targeted development that leads to higher performance!

Performance benchmarking solutions

  • Identifies key success factors that contribute to role success & higher performance
  • Produces the ideal ecosystem of traits for role success
  • "What we cannot measure, we cannot change. What we cannot change, we cannot improve."
  • Provide information to improve role performance and determine what and where improvements need to be made
  • Identifies traits that differentiates high performers from moderate and low performers
  • Identify traits related to success in a Role position in the company that is benchmarked against actual performance data
  • Delivers a job success criteria that is customised to the Role requirement that can be used to consistently identify high performers
  • Draws from 175 traits that relate to performance for a specific Role – include personality, attitudes, motivation, interpersonal skills, work preferences, task preferences, work environment preferences and interests
  • Identifies not only the importance of each factor in relation to each other but also the level of impact of each trait’s intensity on overall performance
  • Uses highly sophisticated artificial intelligence technology to determine and formulate the related traits according to their relative importance and type of impact each trait has on performance, which is not possible if done manually

Harrison's unique solution

Harrison Assessments understands your talent management business challenges intimately, having worked with tens of thousands of customers around the world to assess and develop their potential.

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