Career Navigator

The Harrison Career Navigator System™ enables you to fully engage your staff, members or students through offering an integrated career planning solution whilst simultaneously providing comprehensive analytics to help support their professional development needs.

Career Navigator allows your staff, members or students to search and review the jobs they would be most suitable for within your profession. The platform can be customised for your organisation with the appropriate job families and supporting competencies.

Career planning

They take a short online assessment to identify their key career interests and access a personal career planning portal that ranks the jobs in your profession according to their likely enjoyment and engagement preferences. In addition, they can view reports related to their strengths and development needs.

Talent acquisition

They have an easy way to pursue a career path within your profession based on their specific preferences. If you also run a jobs board Harrison’s Talent Readiness System allows you to support your member companies in their search for talent according to applicants eligibility and suitability related to job opportunities.

What makes our assessment process the preferred choice?

Users benefit from an attractive career planning process with access to a range of personalised development reports. They can access a wide range of career planning tools ranging from their 'greatest strengths' to how likely they would be to enjoy a specific job within your profession.

The Harrison Career Navigator System™ can be customised for your particular profession creating a competency based assessment that is tailored to your organisation and allows them to assess their suitability for careers in your job families.

  • 175 Job performance impact traits
  • Advanced assessment technology
  • Easily customised
  • Reports specific to person and job
  • Contains 6500 job success

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