Talent Retention

Harrison Assessments provides a unique assessment methodology which enables you to make real improvements to talent retention by providing deep insight into the job specific behaviours necessary for employees to succeed.

In order to succeed in today's competitive environment, companies must continually increase productivity, retain top talent, and build effective teams. Our comprehensive assessment enables companies to build a competitive edge by understanding their employees and improving talent retention.

Our world-wide research shows that employees who enjoy 75% or more of their daily activities are 3 times more likely to succeed in their jobs and stay longer than employees who don't.

Therefore, we start the process of talent retention with our 30-minute SmartQuestionnaire™ which provides a comprehensive analysis of work preferences, interests and interpersonal tendencies.

Create a culture of engagement

With our Enjoyment Performance Methodology you can determine how satisfied an employee is within his or her current role. You can then drill down to determine which responsibilities provide the greatest personal motivation and job satisfaction. This information provides valuable insight into how job functions can be re-engineered to better suit the individuals and how to create effective succession planning and talent retention.

By selecting the appropriate Job Success Formula you receive a complete job analysis of an employee's strengths and weaknesses in relationship to job performance. A Job Success Formula also generates a talent development plan that guides the employee to develop the behaviours that will lead to success for a particular job and improve talent retention.

How to Manage and Retain Report

We also provide managers with the tools they need to be effective coaches and leaders. Our "How to Manage and Retain Report" provides managers with practical guidelines for motivating, retaining and coaching individual employees.

Our ParadoxTechnology™ provides managers with a clear understanding of their own behaviours that will enable them to reduce turnover, improve talent retention and become more effective team members and leaders. It even includes a mapping of their stress behaviours and how those impact other team members and employees. By mapping managers' as well as the entire team's behaviours against the key paradoxical principles of leadership, managers can immediately start with practical actions for coaching performance, talent retention and building effective working relationships.

Our Team Paradox Report

Our Team Paradox Report helps managers build stronger teams by establishing clear team values for effective interactions, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the team members in an effort to maximise team efficiencies, and pinpointing weak areas within the team that will need additional support.

Start developing performance, work satisfaction, talent retention and team effectiveness, build your competitive edge with Harrison Assessments Talent Development Solutions.

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